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by Billgreen54

Web Page speed test resources below provide a number of analytics. They all represent page speed and offer information regarding needed improvements to your site.

It is worth checking each and every one of the links below to determine where and how to modify your site.

Although each site below is extremely useful, please make sure you visit the last entry. Batchspeed is unique in that it checks all of the pages on your site.

Although most of your pages might return a similar result, you will find pages that stand out. Use the stand out pages to more clearly identify opportunities to increase speed on other pages. Compare each page and find ways to improve them.

Pages with images and video will usually load the slowest. If you are using WordPress which I highly recommend, be sure to take a close look at how all of your page content loads.

Theme, servers, no CDN, Adsense and other ad networks can also make your site very slow. Be sure to run the same test after you have made changes to your site.

Also, be sure to back up your site before regularly and especially before you make any major changes. There are many more resources to be found. Most are free.

If you want to see if your site is up and running, check out “Website Planet.” Website Planet gives you four metrics and it is super fast! The four metrics are Site up or down, IP address, Response time, and the response code.

Another valuable resource for making sure your site is more accessible to the disabled as well as those who use screen readers to navigate is “” This site has a tool referred to as “Wave.” It stands for “Web accessibility evaluation tool.” This tool is not about speed. “Wave” is about helping a website owner identify elements that often make it difficult to navigate. Take a look for more ways to help everyone navigate your site!

Some of the sites below are paid. Start with the free sites first. Most of time, you will not need to buy services unless you need help editing and designing your site. Questions? Contact me!

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