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Website Content Videos Audios Graphics eBooks

by Billgreen54

Website Content Videos Audios Graphics eBooks and more! If you’re like me when I first started creating websites, you know that content is king. Every page on your site needs useful content. Text, photos, videos, audio!

A combination of different types of content that’s informative is key to tons of traffic and visitors to your website! Is content the only thing to worry about? No! But, without search engine friendly content, your site will live among the abyss!

Private Label and Resale rights licenses! Use for website content!

One of the first things to never do, is to copy and paste content. Never steal, or somehow borrow content of any kind. That said, research is always key to an honest opinion that turns into something useful for another. Ideas along with positive encouragement should be your first goal when doing research anywhere including the Internet.

Videos Audios Graphics eBooks

Once you find the information you are searching for, “Verify, Verify, Verify!” Once your finished with that, put what you have learned in your own words. Make whatever you are writing about, yours!

Once you create an invaluable mountain of text, now add to that the salt and pepper. Salt and pepper! You know, content to compliment what you have written. What is it you are trying to convey or offer to the reader of your masterpiece? Website Content Videos Audios Graphics eBooks.

Video at Youtube!

Add the type of content to your web page that helps communicate your message. Is it a video? Maybe it is a link to a video at Youtube. Is it an audio you or someone else created? A link to another site that confirms or adds to what you have written is often a good idea.

But, where does all that special content come from? Who came up with the idea and how did they create informative and useful content like video or images? Website Content Videos Audios Graphics eBooks.

Website Content Videos Audios Graphics!

The truth is that there are way too many websites that offer some type of content. In fact, most of the content that is ready made is totally useless. Why would you want to use the same image a thousand other sites have used.

Then there is the challenge of learning the many different licenses and how to use them. One size never fits all! Find a combination of different media forms with rights for you to use.

Images Videos eBooks

Rights to Your Image!

Once you have found the perfect elements for your project, now it’s time to make them yours. By taking a photo and just adding text, you have created an image specific to you. It’s your image with your message. Be sure you have the rights to your image first. That way, there won’t be any problems with copyright issues.

Where do I find content for my websites? Most of the time, I create my own. Often from scratch. Most of the time, I create images, video and audio from complete zero. That way, I know it’s mine and void of any copyright or use issues down the road. For content you create or contract to be created, be sure to have the right licenses.

Make Your Life a Little Easier!

I created this page on my site to help others find content that will help make your life a little easier. Years ago, while searching the web for content, I discovered a company called “IDPLR.” At first, I found this site totally overwhelming. I had no idea what to do with what I had found.

That was in 2010. Videos, eBooks, images, audio, music, graphics, articles, templates! For me, that was a huge find. It happened to be just what I was looking for. All kinds of content that I could use for my own sites and offer to sell to others!

Take a look at “IDPLR” and you will see what I saw, a mountain of useful content that can be utilized in many ways. “IDPLR” is just one of the sources I use for content creation. If you are serious about creating a website that’s full of useful content, consider joining IDPLR.

Website Resources Videos Images

It’s free to start and I guarantee you will find it useful in many ways. Take the time to search the site for all of the content they offer. Contact me with your thoughts and questions. I am always happy to help!

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