Video Collection Pond 5 Billgreen54

Video Collection Pond 5 Billgreen54 with over 100 professional videos to select from. High definition, HD high quality videos ready to purchase and download. Video include waterfalls, farming, animals, riverboats, the beach and many more subjects. Perfect as B-Roll videos for your next production. Bill and Larisa love creating interesting videos of all sorts. Satisfaction is always guaranteed. Find what you are searching for and have fun!

B-Roll Videos For Your Project

Each video collection has many B-Roll videos with rivers, people, boats, ducks and more. Browse all of Bill’s videos to find what works for your next project. Contact Billgreen54 with special requests. Bill has created many more videos not seen at Pond5. These are just a few examples for a number of different projects. It’s easy to select and purchase too!

Adding a Little Extra Footage

What are B-Roll videos? They are short videos used to create many types of films. Often editors need just a short video to help better explain what the main subject is all about. Getting your message across means everything in advertising and just about any type of video. Most commercials contain some type of B-Roll video. Sometimes, it is used for just a second or two. Enhancing a feature film is another reason why a film maker might us B-Roll videos. Adding a little extra footage to graphically demonstrate a subject or text content is often needed to finish up a video production. Many short films are created from nothing but B-Roll video.

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