Top Six Marketing Videos

Special Video Just For You

Video creation is a term we like to use for everything video. We can start from zero to create something special for you. We can take that special video you have created and enhance it with elements you are looking for.

Do you have a short video you took with the family? Let us finish it up with a few enhancements and make it even more memorable. Do you need videos created for marketing your business? We can help with that!

Creative Content is King

In today’s world, marketing videos are needed to connect. To get in touch with customers new and not so new. Videos are no longer just a video. Instructional videos are perfect for Youtube and social networks.

There are also many teaching sites where you can earn extra income by sharing what you know. Creative content is king on the Internet and we are here to help you create special videos that sell. Unique content creates a special message that stands out from the competition.

Marketing videos created for a single purpose are not just needed to say hello. The best marketing videos convey something special about you and what you offer. Is it a product? A service? Marketing videos will help you find that next new customer.

Special Effects, Sound & Music

Instructional videos aren’t as easy to create as most people might think. There are too many elements incorporated into videos to mention here. But the main idea is to complete a concept.

We can take a video you have created and enhance it with text, special effects, sounds and music. Our videos at Youtube are popular and they drive traffic to our websites. Sometimes a special watermark will make your hard work stand out above the rest.

All videos need an “Intro.” Most of the time, something short and simple will do. We can do that for you.

Promote With Advertising Videos

Advertising videos are needed to help you promote. Is it a new product? Are you promoting a special item for a limited time? Advertising videos will separate you from the pack.

While others are still creating simple images, you can create offers with sound and motion. Short advertising videos that speak directly to customers sell. That’s why the biggest companies use video marketing. If your competition is using videos to advertise, there is a good reason!

Search Engine Videos Work

Search Engine videos are just what you might think. Videos created for search engines. What are they? Why are they important? In today’s world, videos created for the Internet have to be something that grabs attention.

Think of a search engine video as an introduction to your products and services. They should be short and visual. Something unique but to the point. A simple video with images might do the job. A short 30 second video will do. We can help with that.

Promote at Facebook & Instagram

Promotional videos are another method of inviting everyone to your next special event. Open house hosted by vendors. An invitation to show off your recent expansion. Maybe it is a newly created menu you want to share! Promotional videos don’t have to be temporary.

They can become part of website for everyone to share. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all there to help you share what’s new! Social sharing is how news and special events are communicated with the world. Do you have promotional videos on your social pages? Give us your ideas and we will create that unique video just for you.

Intro & Outro For Videos

Intro-Outro videos are short parts of your video. If it is for your business, it’s all about branding and name recognition. Who are you? How do you identify with people? If it’s an intro or outro, for a family video, it’s there to set the mood before a video is actually watched. An intro can be as short as five seconds.

The same goes for the outro. Maybe you have a vlog and don’t have the time to edit your videos from start to finish. Youtube videos being a place to have fun and earning a little income, should always have an intro and outro. We can help with that. Contact us for more info!