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by Billgreen54

Instructional Video Editing Services from Larisa Web. There are hundreds of reasons why you might need an instructional video. Everything from daily routines at work from how to videos. Videos have become an easy way to get your message across. Short videos can help that new employee learn how to do it right in no time.

Training videos leave little room for mistakes. Leaving out a few training facts here and there can be costly. Some of the many videos used today are “Micro videos, How to videos, Training videos, Screencast videos, Lecture videos and Presentation videos.”

Micro Videos

Micro Videos are just what it sounds like. Short videos designed to instruct or teach a limited subject. Generally, one topic that is accompanied by more videos on related topics. The general rule is, keep it short and to the point.

Clients send us raw, unedited video and we do the rest. Depending on the complexity and number of videos, the turn around time is reasonably short.

How To Videos

How to videos also know as Tutorial videos are a series of instructional videos that are task based. In other words, a number of videos that teach or instruct from start to finish. There are a few general guidelines and planning that goes into tutorial videos.

They can be any length, but with a maximum of up to ten minutes is a good idea. Find a natural break and add another video. How many videos are too many? Well, in general, we try to stay with no more than ten.

Our clients shoot video and send it to use for editing. We cut out mistakes, edit sounds, create intros and outros too! Let us help you with your next project! Contact us!

Training Videos

Training videos are often job related. How to teach someone new is always a daunting process. With training videos, that new associate with start out on the right foot. Often employees that train other employees without the use of training videos forget details.

This can lead to mistakes and misunderstandings. With training videos, facts are facts and that new employee can watch the training videos as many times as needed. Training videos can be interactive with quizzes and direct instructions.

They can be scheduled or all watched at once. Taking video these days has never been this easy! Videos can be shot with mobile phones or cameras with high quality resolutions.

Remember, it is always best to shoot video at a minimum of 50fps (frames per second). When you are finished shooting your videos, we can edit them to create something special that will last and last. For more information, contact us!

Screencast Videos

Screencast videos are generally used for informal instruction. This might be the case where someone needs more personal clarification regarding how something works.

There are a number of reasons for this type of video. Screencast videos are essentially what you see on your computer screen.

There are many screencast software programs available. Some are freeware and some are paid. Whatever your reason for creating a screencast, it can be edited by our team to create video without errors.

This is generally something the person does on their own, but we can help you with your project to give it that finished look!

Lecture Videos

Lecture videos are simply video taken of a presentation or lecture of some kind. Generally, this type of video is used to inform others who may not have been in attendance for the actual lecture.

Lecture videos are also great as a reminder to staff at a later date. They can also be utilized for training purposes in a less formal way than training videos.

This type of video might also contain other elements. Powerpoint, slides, images, graphics can all be part of a lecture video. This type of video can be longer in length than a training video depending on the subject matter.

Lecture videos also make a great addition to a learning library for future use by current and new staff.

Presentation Videos

Presentation videos are used to present a proposal to someone. This can be a business relationship proposal. Presentation videos are often used for sales presentations at various locations.

This might be at your office or headquarters or a long distance presentation at your clients location. Often, these videos are time sensitive and are limited in their use.

That said, as long as the information relates to today’s business activities, presentation videos can be timeless. Important elements to this type of video is quality audio and the speed at which the original video was shot at.

As in all presentations, higher quality in means better video out! Questions? Can we help you with your next project? Contact us!

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