Top 5 Royalty Free Stock Video Sites

Top 5 Royalty Free Stock Video Sites

by Billgreen54

Top 5 Royalty Free Stock Video Sites are essential to your next production. Let’s start out with “What exactly is a stock video?” Well, it’s a video that is created for others to incorporate into their work. This could be for just about any video project big or small.

Pond5 Envato Dareful Pexels Mixkit

Often a stock video is also referred to as a “B-Roll” video. The first of my “Top Five” royalty free stock video sites is Pond5. See examples at Pond5. This site has an unlimited inventory of Royalty Free Stock Video Footage.

What is “Royalty Free?” This is a term used for images as well as videos that you have a license for that allows you to use content without further payment. You must follow the terms in the “Royalty Free” agreement. It might be for a limited period of time or forever.

Top 5 Royalty Free Stock Video Sites

Pond5 Envato Dareful Pexels Mixkit

However, you must check the terms of the license to be sure you have permission to use the content. Larisa Web offers editing services for many projects around the world. A website that is well known in the video market is Envato. This site is especially known for “Stock Footage” and also “After Effects.” Envato is “Number two in my top five!

So, what is “B-Roll Video?” These are short videos created as secondary content. The main content video footage in a production is known as “A-Roll Video.” The term “Stock Footage” can apply to both “B-Roll and A-Roll Video.”

Top 5 Royalty Free Stock Video Sites

Pond5 Envato Dareful Pexels Mixkit

Stock footage is simply video created for use in another film of some type. Just about every video production known to man uses “B-Roll Video.” Movies, educational, entertainment videos all use B-Roll content.

There are a number of Free video websites that offer videos with no restrictions at all. Often these sites give a free license registered with a “Creative Commons License.”

You can choose from a number of different licenses. It is always good to do your research before choosing video or audio content for your next project. Larisa Web can help you with that!

Sound Editing is Important Too!

Sound editing goes hand in hand with all video productions. At Larisa Web, we can help you create something special. The audio behind every film is critical to the success of a production. If you are creating your video, be sure to add quality sound effects as well to make your creation something special.

Number three on my list for “Royalty Free Videos” is “Mixkit.” This site offers thousands of high quality 4K “Royalty Free Videos.” the videos are completely free of charge and can be used for any purpose. That includes commercial and private productions. Check out Mixkit for your next creation! is number four on my list of the top 5 Royalty Free Video Sites. The Pexels License as simple as possible. All photos and videos on Pexels are free to use. Attribution is not required. Giving credit to the photographer or Pexels is not necessary but always appreciated. You can modify the photos and videos from Pexels.

Free of Charge Videos

Be creative and edit them as you like. The coolest part of Pexels is that all of their “videos are free of charge.” Remember that websites that offer “free of charge” videos might not always be your best bet for the highest quality videos. Play around with “FREE Videos” and have fun creating something special.

Number five on my list of the top five Royalty Free Video sites is This is one of my absolute favorites! Completely free of charge videos. These “B-Roll” videos are 4K high quality!

Completely FREE 4K Video is your source for completely free 4K stock video clips that can be downloaded and used any way you want, forever! You never pay a dime. Download whatever you want, use it in all types of projects (including commercial!), forever. No fees. No catch. Unlimited downloads.

Most stock videos are filmed with a quality camera and tripod of some type. Of course, your camera can be of just about any make. Your skill is what’s important when it comes to understanding the basics of photography. In today’s world, 4K high quality is becoming the go to standard.

New Camera? Do Your Research!

Before buying that new camera, decide exactly what you are going to do with it. Are you just taking a few family photos? Maybe you want to take sports videos of the kids playing basketball. Whatever your reason for buying a camera, do your research first. While most SLR’s come with a lens, many do not.

My top five royalty free video sites listed above are all sites I use. They offer quality content for your next project. Some years ago, I started experimenting with B-Roll videos as a way to create something a little different.

Catchy Music and Sound Effects!

Recently, I uploaded one of those videos. I call it “Sea Coast Helicopter” It is a collection of B-Roll video footage along with some catchy music and sound effects. All created by myself on a quiet weekend at home. All completely free.

You can create interesting videos in no time just by putting short videos together. The videos must tell a story of some kind. Just think about the videos you find and create video content that connects.

Although the term “A-Roll” is known by all video editors, the term is no longer widely used. Generally the term “Main Shot” is used to describe the main body of a film being produced. In other words, what is the main subject matter of your film? What are you attempting to convey to your audience?

B-Roll Terms Used with Stock Footage!

B-Roll video content has many types. The terms “Insert Shots,” “FX Shots,” “Establishing Shots,” “Stock Footage,” and “Pickup Shots” are all terms used with B-Roll footage. No matter what type of production you are working on, all of these terms play an important roll in your film.

Save Time and Money!

One of the main reasons a filmmaker uses stock footage is to save time and resources. Procuring stock footage can get a film out faster. It saves time by not having to film footage in-house. By going to companies that offer stock footage, a filmmaker can pick as well as choose footage that works.

If you have the talent and desire to learn how to do video editing, this is one way t have a little fun! If you have an idea or two and need a little help, our team of professionals are always available.

Many of our clients create the video compilation and we do the rest. Titles, music, sound effects. We love doing what we do. Let the team at Larisa Web help you with your next project!