Best Audio Editing Services

Audio Editing Services

by Billgreen54

Audio editing services are all about creating something special for your next project. Whether you need help with a big or small project, we know how to get it done. Our editors and creators are here to help you make your recording stand out!

Do you have an audio recording with unwanted noise? Maybe you have sounds in the background that are distracting. It could be an audio recording that has the familiar hissing sound.

It could be that you want the hissing sound in the background, but not as loud as it is now. Audio is an important part of sharing. Audio adds impact to moving images and video. Movies wouldn’t be entertaining without sound.

Creativity with experience is the only way to produce something to be proud of! That’s where we come in. Our team is here to make your next project come alive. Questions? Contact us!

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is one of the most common issues with recordings of all types. Those annoying snap, crackle, pops from that special occasion or company event. Often, audio recordings contain unwanted noises.

They can be distracting and take away from the importance of the moment. When recording an event around electronic equipment, it is nearly impossible to record without that familiar hum in the background.

Most of the time, the humming sound can be completely removed, leaving you with a crisp clear recording. Unwanted sounds can be completely removed leaving your recording clear and understandable.

Once those unwanted sounds are removed, the main subject of your audio can be enhanced. This will improve the overall quality of your recording. Just remember that the more complex your desired end result is, the more time it takes in the editing process.

Voice Recordings

Voice recordings with unwanted sounds, statements and mistakes are the second most common issues with audio. If you have ever recorded your voice, you know what I mean.

Recording audio from written text is not that difficult if you know how to edit out unwanted words or simple mistakes. A cough, clearing your throat for that perfect voice can all be removed after you have made your recording.

If your recording audio in a less than perfect setting, those unwanted sounds can be removed after you have finished your project. Dead air is another reason for editing out what shouldn’t be there.

Natural pauses while reading text is perfectly okay. However, a long pause between speech can be boring and annoying. The main idea here is to create a quality recording. Need help? Contact us!

Audio Restoration

Audio Restoration offers everyone the opportunity to restore old recordings. Do you have an audio recording that is just sitting on your hard drive? Everyone has recordings that were created long ago. Maybe it was weeks, months, years or even decades ago. Recordings from every event can be cleaned up and restored to a better than original sound recording.

You might have a recording that is from a special occasion. Celebrating a special life event is another reason why you might want to recreate an audio recording to make it memorable. Although we look forward to assisting you with your next project, we want you to know that we only work with electronic files. If you need help with your older recordings, contact us!

Video to Audio Editing

Video to Audio Editing is our third most popular service. Did you know that the sound from a video can be edited into an audio recording? All videos can be edited to create an audio recording.

Do you have a video with your own music or special event? That video can be edited by our team to recreate an audio recording in most formats. Popular video formats or containers like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV can all be converted into audio only files for your listening enjoyment. Popular files are MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG.

Different file extensions are used in various ways. You can also have that audio recording edited into another video. This can create a completely different background in your video. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, retirement.

Milestone events recorded in video and audio can be edited and enhanced to create another memorable event! Larisa Web offers many services. If you don’t find what you are searching for on our site. Drop us a line. Questions? Contact us!

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