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by Billgreen54

Podcast editing services at Larisa Web. Editing and post production services are available at Larisa Web Content Creators. What do we do? We take your recorded podcast and edit, edit and re-edit. We take out what isn’t supposed to be there. Coughs, clicks and common mistakes. For more information, Contact us!

Editing out unwanted sounds are part of the editing process. This process is known as “Post Production Editing.” Pre-production is when you create your audio recording.

Honestly, the recording part of your podcast is usually easier than the editing process. When you finish recording, we do the rest. Depending on the complexity and budget, our job is to clean up the audio and add elements that create professional and memorable results.

An Intro and outro along with a few sound effects and music if needed, is what we do in the editing process. Larisa Web provides fast dedicated services to help you publish on time. You can also do post production editing yourself. Here is an informative overview of podcast editing from our friends at Buzzsprout.

As our friends at Buzzsprout explain, editing, mixing and mastering have many elements. They can be time consuming and most of the time, require experienced editors to get the job done right.

Planning and organizing your podcasts will keep it simple for the long haul. If you plan to create many podcasts, be organized at the start! You will thank yourself later. Years ago, when I started creating podcasts, organizing files was a top priority. I did a lot of experimenting with different results.

Life with Bill and Larisa Podcast was part of my learning curve. At last count, this podcast appears on ten different sites. We are here to help you with your podcast! Questions? Contact us today!

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