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Audio Promotion Services

by Billgreen54

Audio promotion services at Larisa Web are here to help you create that next successful promotion. Our job is simple. We create the content for you. You give us a concept, we create from your vision. What type of promotion do you need? Audio can be added to podcasts, videos, social media and more!

Promote Your Talent

If you are a song writer just starting out, you need help promoting you talent. Promote your music on social media! Facebook, Twitter and others are great places to upload a taste of your talent and send visitors to your music! Having a short intro and outro is the way to go to help get your message across.

Email Marketing

What about email marketing? If you send out emails, why not include a short audio inviting followers to your next event! Your website is also the perfect spot for a special message or two. A short audio can be added to any web page next to an image or text!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is all about getting your message across. Adding extra sound effects or voice overs to that next Youtube video makes you stand out! With your post edited video, we can add effects that totally enhance the video you have created. This is a final edit before publishing your videos!

Custom Audio!

There are many more uses for custom audio. Streaming services, Paid promotions, Paid advertising, Radio, Websites and of course, Branding! If you need custom audio for your next project, get in touch! Questions? Contact us!

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