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by Billgreen54

Larisa Web Resources are available now. Which ones to choose? How do they work? Why do I need certain resources? The truth is, in order to create a fantastic website full of information and easy to find, you need many different resources. Below are links to resources that all webmasters will use at some point.

If you want to be found on the Internet, your site has to be fast! Blazing fast! Why? So that everyone searching for you, finds you first! When doing a search, if your website shows up after page one, your done. That’s 98% of the time. If you are lucky, someone at some point will find you after.

If you are an experienced webmaster, you already know what is needed to be found on the Internet. If you just need a few ideas or you are new to building websites, you will find the following links and information useful.

Although all of the sites below offer free services, they may also offer paid services that dig deeper into the type of information you might be looking for. Knowledge is key to your success on the Internet. Use the sites below. Larisa Web Resources will help you reach your goals.

Website Speed Test Sites!

WordPress Resources

SEO Resources

More Information

Why are website speed tests so important? Well, as it turns out in today’s world, there is nothing more important than speed? Why is that? Simple! It’s called competition. Competition for key words, topics, resources. The truth is that creating a website is much easier than it was just five years ago.

That said, creating a website is just a small part of the marketing process. Or is your site for marketing? Maybe it is a website to show off your photos. It could be a teaching website. No matter what type of website you have created, the most important factor is getting your site found. Larisa Web Resources will help you reach your goals.

My internet marketing adventure started in 1998 when my son created a website for my dad’s business. We bought the domain at Network Solutions for 35 dollars. We hosted it there too! Looking back, that was a horrible, terrifying experience. The only single goal was to create a simple site so we could share our success on the World Wide Web.

1998 happens to be the same year Google was founded as a corporation. The date was September 14, 1998. Even though the domain name had been purchased a year earlier, Google wasn’t registered as a corporation until 1998. Nobody knew what a “google” was, let alone, what it would become today.

Search the internet for anything and you will find an ocean of information. Most of the time, that’s the good news. But, did you know that close to ninety percent of the websites on the internet today are never visited by a human?

So now you now why speed is important. If your website is faster than the next, you stand a much better chance of being found. Maybe even on page one of a search. Larisa Web Resources will help you reach your goals.

If you have already built a website, you know the importance of speed. If you are planning to start building your first website, do your research and think about speed first. If you do your research and discover what you think you need to know about building a great traffic getting website, you have just began your journey.

One simple way to start your website building education is to take a look at popular websites in your niche. Use the tools above to research all of the web domains that show up in your search on page one of several different browsers and search engines.

Think about the key words that you would use if you were searching for your company, products or services. As mentioned above, be sure to use a few different browsers and search engines. Of course, Google should be at the top of your list. Larisa Web Resources will help you reach your goals.

Did you know that content including images might appear differently on different browsers? For me, Firefox and Chrome often shows different results from Firefox when comparing images. It could be a different location on the page or no image at all on one of the browsers.

While creating your site, be sure to double check how your pages look on several browsers. The most popular web browsers are Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Opera.

Building your own website instead of having someone else do it, has many benefits and pitfalls. Thank God for WordPress. Did you know that WordPress themes and tools are used by over half of all sites on the Internet today? Why is that? It is because of the ease in learning how to do it. With the time and patience, you too can build a great website with WordPress. Did they pay me to say that? NO!

I know from personal experience that the time tested ease of use and the learning curve is not difficult with time plus a little trial and error. The biggest challenge of today when it comes to the internet is “Change.” It happens daily.

Sometimes hourly. For me, fear of the unknown is more fun than I could have imagined in 1998. I love a challenge. Making little mistakes on one of my sites and then learning how to make things better is a lot of fun. Larisa Web Resources will help you reach your goals.

I want to mention two of my favorite sites to check my work. The first is GTMetrix and next would be Google’s Page Speed Insights. I use both of them daily working on my sites and helping others with theirs. These two useful sites share useful facts that are priceless. That’s why I posted them above as two important assets to your website design.

It should be obvious that great website design is the beginning to being found on the Internet. What do I mean by” the beginning?” Well, this post just covered a little about web page speed and some of the challenges you will face building your first site.

Once you have a fast, informative, beautiful website, now the real work begins. That’s for another post! Questions? Need help with your site? We can help! Contact me here!

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