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Three Free WordPress Resources

by Billgreen54

Three free WordPress resources can be found throughout our website. Did you know that 36% of the websites found on the internet today are built on WordPress. Why? Well WordPress was one of the first to offer free websites for all completely FREE! Guess what?

They still do! WordPress.com gives you all the tools to start a website completely FREE of charge. Is that a good thing? You bet it is if you are new to creating websites. If you are just starting out, get started with a free website from WordPress.com.

I built by first WordPress site in April of 2008. Completely FREE and remarkably easy to do. I started with a blog and started sharing my new life experiences while living in Ukraine. It was many months before I stepped up and created a website with more features and flexibility. Three free wordpress resources!

In addition, I created several more FREE WordPress sites. Once I learned the basics and learned from my mistakes, it was time to invest a little more time and money.

WordPress offers other free educational resources too! WordPress webinars, WordPress blog, as well as the WordPress Themes blog. Check these out for more great WordPress information.

There are so many ways to create an online presence. Creating a website is just the start of developing a business model that works. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LInked in and more are all part of making your presence known. Below are free WordPress resources to help you get started with your website creation. Three free wordpress resources!

The links above offer Free resources as well as paid. Jetpack is an essential resource for all WordPress sites. Start with the free plugin and take a look at the premium features too. Woocommerce is all about creating your very own web shop. Sell products online and many other ways. Need more info? Contact me today!

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