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by Billgreen54

Search engine videos are the trend for 2020 and beyond with 5G Mobile Broadband. Videos and the way they are discovered on the Internet have become more popular than ever. Fast download speeds are critical for watching videos.

5G Mobile Broadband make video downloads blazing fast. Google Maps is a pioneer with rich media connecting visitors and business. 2020 is just the beginning of “Search Engine Videos” found everywhere.

So, what exactly is a search engine video? For short, we call it a “Mapsvid.” Popular for some time now, a “Mapsvid” is simply an enhanced short video of your business products and services. These videos can be created by anyone including business owners and Google Local Guides.

Many cities have individuals that promote your business simply by posting photos, videos and reviews. Many businesses do not take advantage of this form of free advertising. The main idea is for visitors to your products or services to share an honest view of your business.

Larisa Web can create a short 30 second video of your business for you to upload from your Google account. It is a great way to build your business and beat out the competition. The main idea is to be found first and impress visitors with a link to your site from your Google Maps link.

Search ads can also be purchased from Google to promote your new videos. Once you have your content, just sign up for Google Local Search Ads. You will also need to sign up for a Google Ads account. Take advantage of all of the business services Google offers.

Larisa Web editors need either photos, videos, images or both. Once you send your content to us, we will do the rest and create something special for you and your new customers. Create great videos before your competition and greet more new customers daily! For more information, contact us!

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