The Last Dance PSA

BLiNKMOTION 2D Art & Animation Studio

BLiNKMOTION 2D Art & Animation Studio develops animation that helps you quickly communicate your ideas! The team at BLiNKMOTION knows how to make characters come to life! From explainer videos, idents, short films, advertising and everything in-between. Larisa Web is proud to offer the services of BLiNKMOTION along with the unparalleled experience and portfolio they provide. From concept to screen, the team at BLiNKMOTION tells stories through movement and illustration.

Questions? Get started today! Contact Larisa Web for information and pricing. Should you contact BLiNKMOTION directly, please tell them Larisa Web sent you! The team at Larisa Web collaborates with many companies worldwide. View more creations at BLiNKMOTION and discover the many possibilities awaiting your next project!

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Communication is a critical element to success in everything we do. The above video demonstrates how to communicate long distance. In today’s world, working from home essential for people around the world. Knowing how to best communicate ideas and related information is something we all need to be reminded of.

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The video above demonstrates the many different types of people. Dreamers and those who take action are communicated in this video production. Let Larisa Web and BLiNKMOTION help you create something special for your next project. Contact Larisa Web today and let’s work together to communicate your message.

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Explore the unexplored India in this beautifully crafted video created by BLiNKMOTION. Assam is a state in northeastern India known for it’s wildlife, archaeological sites, tea plantations and Assam silk. With the majestic Brahmaputra river, magnificent hills, it’s rich flora and fauna, the state is every tourists paradise.

Explainer Videos Short & To The Point

Explainer videos are all about short online videos that are used to explain a companies product or service. An explainer video can be placed on your home page as an introduction to you and your business. Getting the attention of a website visitor quickly will put you ahead of the pack in today’s world. It’s always best to create an explainer video that gets your message across in short order and to the point. Capture your website visitors attention and open the doors of opportunity.

Ident Video! All about Identification

An “Ident” is a video identification of a channel that advertises different programs to an audience. This is done by introducing the next program along with a time schedule. A twenty second video is usually enough time to get the message across. It’s important the an “Ident” grabs the viewers attention quickly as well as promote a channels brand. An “Ident” is also used to remind viewers what channel they are watching and convey a sense of professionalism as well.

Short Films Introduce Screenwriters

Short films can be any type of film that is shorter than a full length movie. In the industry, a short film is forty minutes or less including credits. Short films can be produced to show proof of concept and more. A short film can be as short as fifteen seconds. Often created as a vehicle for information or possibly to convey humor. Entertainment short films are often the work of screen writers as a way to introduce their talents and aspirations.

Advertising Videos Promote Business

Advertising videos are created a a way to promote a business. Naturally, most businesses can’t survive without some type of advertising. As a business owner, It’s always a good idea to consider multimedia advertising. How do your customers find you? What type of products or services do you provide? How does your business compare to your competition? While there are many ways to convey a a promotional message, video advertising is often the most effective.

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